Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Drive it like you stole it - NOT!

I wanted to share an experience I just had with a major car repair chain.  I have only boycotted 2 companies so far...  Here goes number 3!

I have boycotted McDonalds for life for two reasons.  First, they give absolutely no regard for their customers or their health.  While this is not unique in the fast food industry, this chain also dedicates a huge budget towards marketing directly to children.  THAT is wrong!

The other company is 7-11.  They give absolutely no customer service training to their employees and their comapny policy treats all of their customers equally like thieves.  Think about it...

The newest company on the list is - TUFFY AUTO SERVICE CENTER.  The location I have been going to recently is one of four locations that are franchised out to the same person in the Central Florida area.

I recently purchased one of those maintenance cards that have many free and discounted deals for typical services you would need to have done to your vehicle (i.e., oil changes, radiator flushes, alignments, etc.).  Having known several people (including family members) who have done this in the past, I had no problem getting this card.

However, today's visit was less than acceptable.  First, I am never happy with how slow that this chain works.  The technicians or mechanics always take their time while working.  Second, I have raised concerns in the past with their service and have been met with dismissive responses.

Whenever I take my vehicle to a service center, I always make it a point to watch what they are doing.  Partly to make sure that I am getting what I pay for.

Today was no different.  I noticed one of their employees walking towards my vehicle and get into it.  It took him a while to begin to back out of the space, and I later figured out it was because he adjusted ALL of the settings on my seat!!! 

Well, he began backing up regularly, and then hit the gas and zoomed backwards in the parking lost at easily 20 MPH.  When he got to where the open bay was, he slammed on the breaks, screeching the tires.  This is no easy feat.  I have a raised F-150 with BG Goodrich All Terrains.  However, I also have really bad rear brakes right now.  So much so, that I probably shouldn't be driving my truck at all.  However, since it is a stick, I can refrain from braking more than the average driver.

This guy had no idea how good or bad my brakes were, whether someone would come speeding around the corner towards my truck, back out of another parking space, or any other number of variables that could have played into a potentially disasterous situation.

When the screech occurred, I was not surprised, given his speed.  I was already on my feet in the lobby upon seeing his display of speed.  However, when the screeching occurred, everyone else in the lobby and the bays quickly snapped their heads toward my truck as it stopped.  Apparently, the screeching wasn't normal.  But judging on how I saw other cars moved, speed was.

The truck then began getting prepped for service and I immediately went to the counter in the lobby right in front of the other customers and questioned the person the counter.  He was a younger man in his mid to late 20's with a clean haircut. 

I asked him why my truck was being driven like that.  He replied, "Like what?"  Flabbergasted at his lack of caring and response, I described what just happened.  He simply said, "I didn't hear anything."  My jaw dropped and I asked him, "You didn't hear my tires screech?!"  To the others in the lobby I said, "Did you hear anything?"  Most immediate nodded their heads in agreement. 

The man behind the counter simply continued with his invoice.  Whoa!  Where did he learn customer service skills?  Apparently, he doesn't know what an appropriate response should be.  I nudged him again with another statement, saying, "I really do not appreciate him driving my truck like that!  It is not his vehicle."  This fell on DEAF ears!!!

Since this was a personal issue that had raised a very emotional response within me, I decided to make my statement in a way other than what my first instinct was (it legally a better decision).  :)

I waited until the service was complete and I paid my 3 dollar and change oil disposal fee.  The manager was checking me out (no, not that way - dirty minds).  He folded up my maintenance card nicely and proceeded to hand it to me with my receipt inside. 

I gave him back the card and told him that I didn't want it.  "I will never come back again."  To my astonishment, he simply said without an expression, "Okay," and turned to complete some other work.

That was IT!!!  I began to express my disapproval twice with the staff not offering me any explanation, or any other response.  Not even a negative response.  

I will NEVER AGAIN RETURN to any Tuffy Auto Service Center.  I also suggest that you stay away as well.  Who knows what they are going to do to your vehicle when you are not watching...

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