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XML Utility 01.02.00 for the DotNetNuke Blog Module

In what used to be a utility to exclusively generate an XML SiteMap for the DotNetNuke core Blog Module, is now called an XML Utility for the DNN Blog Module.  This change was made to more accurately reflect what this utility does.

There have been two versions released over the past week, with the latest being this evening, for version 01.02.00.  Version 01.02.00 is basically a stabilization release for the previous release.  There wasn’t anything show-stopping, unless you use Feedburner.  But more on that later…

What’s New?

In version 01.01.00, I added RSS feeds as a feature, along side the existing SiteMap feature.  There were two main motivations behind adding this feature to this project. 

First, I wanted to make it easy for anyone out there to syndicate their RSS feeds without having to worry about broken image paths.  Second, I wanted to syndicate my blog categories from the Blog Module separately from the main feed.  Since categories are still new to the module, this is missing functionality.

This feature worked quite well, save for one minor bug.  I wouldn’t say it’s truly a bug, but rather a problem with how Feedburner itself is not able to read the previous date format.  A minor adjustment to how the date is formatted allowed the feed to be parsed completely by feedburner once again. 

If you use feedburner yourself, and didn’t notice anything, this is because you’d have to be under very specific conditions to notice the missing date on the output XML from feedburner.

Besides the bug fix above, I also added adjustable caching to the RSS output.  Before, the RSS feed was rebuilt upon every request.  Now, the RSS feed output is cached by default for 5 minutes.  However, this value is also adjustable to be any number of minutes you’d like by simply adding a value to the AppSettings of your web.config file.

The features are further documented in the project site, so I won’t bore you with that information.  Instead, I encourage you to give this little utility a try and let me know what you think!  :)

XML Utility for the DNN Blog Module

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