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Lightbox Gallery Module Version 01.03.00 Released

Unfortunately, it has been quite a while since I have been able to dedicate any time to this module.  Luckily, that changed this past week.  A new version is now available for you to download and use to your heart’s content!

What Is It?

If you’re not familiar with the Lightbox Gallery module, it’s a module that allows you to specify folders in your DotNetNuke website to display thumbnails in regions called “albums.”  The great thing about that is that the thumbnails are generated for you.  All you have to do is tell the module where to find each album (folder).

Lightbox Gallery Module Version 01.03.00

This is an open source (and FREE) module released under the New BSD license through the DNN Forge and CodePlex.

So, What’s New?

The previous version had a very nasty bug that only happened on sites that ran multiple locales, or languages.  One of the lightbox settings required a decimal value to determine how to adjust its behavior.  In Greece specifically, this is a problem as they use commas where most of the world thinks to put a decimal point.  HUGE oversight by myself, but it’s fixed.

SUPER thanks to “codedude” on CodePlex for posting a fix. I went ahead and used his proposed fix.

There was a very minor oversight in one of the localization files as well.  You were supposed to see a friendly message when you first add the Lightbox Gallery module to a page telling you what to do.  The localization key in the code didn’t match the key in the localization.  This has been adjusted.

Finally, I added a way for you to sort the albums in a single module instance.  Before, the albums pretty much showed up in the order that they were added to the module.  Now, you can use a slick view that allows you to drag and drop the albums into the order that you prefer.

To summarize:

  • Issue 4605: Fixes a numeric Localization issue (thanks, codedude!)
  • Issue 4334: Added a view to adjust the order of the albums
  • Issue 4754: Fixes missing localization text

The minimum system requirements for this module are staying the same as previous versions of the module:

  • DotNetNuke Version 5.01.00 or higher
  • SQL Server 2005 or later
  • .Net Framework 2.0 or later

Hopefully, you will enjoy this release.  Please make sure you give it a review on the CodePlex site.

Lightbox Gallery Module Version 01.03.00

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