Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Jammin!, Google, and Good Deed

I thought while I was jammin' out, listening to some Miles Davis that I should post an update...

On Work...

Work is going well.  I still cannot tell anyone anything yet.  :(  Sorry.

On Google...

I just came across a pretty cool web page that puts what appears to be all of Google's searches onto one page.  There is nothing fancy about it, but I thought it was interesting


On Good Deed...

I may have very well been duped, but I feel good about what I believe was a good deed yesterday.  I was behind a couple at a toll booth and they obviously didn't have any money.  Since I couldn't control the situation at all, I didn't get upset like most people I see at a toll booth.  I just waited a few moments.

The gentleman driving was furiously looking through the front and back seats and finally jumped out of the car and politely told me his situation and asked if I could spare 50 cents to help him get to the airport.

Since 50 cents really isn't much money and it could only help the situation, I agreed.  Well, between that booth and the airport there were 3 more toll booths.  Luckily for them 2 of them were on my way and I ended up behind them at both of them.  I paid most of their way.  They were thanking me multiple times at each booth. 

Even if it was some sort of way for them to con someone like me out of a buck or two on a toll road, it feels good to just assume that I did the right thing to "pay it forward" and do something for someone that they couldn't do for themselves.

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