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An Interview with Peter Donker

Peter-Donker Peter Donker is a long time supporter of DotNetNuke, since 2003.  He has been involved with the project longer than many, and is also a well-known vendor in the DNN ecosystem, being the steward of the wildly popular Document Exchange Module (or DMX), which allows you to manage documents on your DNN website.  Since 2007, Peter has been part of the DNN core team.

His involvement with DNN didn’t stop there.  He is an active member or leader of the DNN Internationalization and DNN Health teams, as well as the leader of the core News Feeds Module.  Earlier this year, Peter also helped to organize the first ever Day of DotNetNuke in Europe, held in Paris, France.  Needless to say, Peter is a dedicated member of the DNN community.

What is Your Favorite DotNetNuke Website, and Why?

Peter’s favorite DNN site is the company website for Mecanoo Architecten BV.

Mecanoo Architecten BV

Peter describes the company:

The company is an architectural firm of around 50 people in Delft, The Netherlands (which, if you haven’t been there you should definitely visit one day). They are among Holland’s leading architectural firms and have projects all over the globe. As they grew over the years they have spawned a multitude of new offices and they continue to attract the best designers from all over the planet).

He continues, saying, “it implements a vision I had of content workflow for this company.”

I asked Peter to go into further detail about why he loved this site so much.

In the end the most satisfying and tangible result of the implementation of the strategy is that this website has by far the most projects available for browsing of any architect’s office in The Netherlands that I’m aware of. I believe they have over 80 projects online which is pretty decent. And due to the way the data is interlinked you can easily navigate this data.

Another aspect that has been pushed very far in this project is the multi-linguistic nature of it. Just about every module used on that site is ML capable, meaning it can show its contents in multiple languages. So many sites force you out of your context if you switch languages. This site doesn’t. If you’re somewhere on the site and you switch language you stay where you are. The texts change if they’re available, but you keep your place on the site. This is very important to me and one of my hobby horses.

Peter credits Timo Breumelhof (another DNN community power house member) and a company called Solar for the site looking so darned good!

What is YOUR favorite DNN site, and why?

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