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DNNTweet: Yet Another Twitter Module for DotNetNuke

As many of you know, last week was the second Hackathon event, held in Washington D.C.  The focus of this particular hackathon was to help DotNetNuke® developers build more robust user interfaces in their modules and other extensions, using tools like jQuery, Silverlight, and telerik.  Being called “Visual DotNetNuke,” I think it was pretty clear that this is the direction that the speakers, Nik Kalyani and Joe Brinkman, had in mind. 

Using open source, free, and even commercial tools like those I mentioned earlier can bring with them many significant improvements to your DNN extensions – when used correctly.  I say that because you can actually make your extensions more difficult to use if you’re not paying attention.  You should always be looking to use the right tool for the job, and not a reason to use a cool tool you found.  ;)

Part of the hackathon encourages attendees, both remote and local, to participate by building a DNN extension themselves to potentially win a prize.  This time the top prizes were an iPad, and one of two netbooks branded with a DNN skin.  I desperately wanted one of the netbooks, so I decided to participate.

Banging my head against the wall, I wanted to come up with a great idea for my entry.  Unfortunately, I kept circling back to twitter.  So, my entry is aptly named DNNTweet.  This module has a plan to eventually be a fully functioning twitter client on any DNN web site.  However, I limited the scope of this module to only search the twitter API for this release.  That was in hopes of making the hackathon entry deadline, which I unfortunately missed.  Though, I finished version 01.00.00 anyway, and released it as an alpha release for the time being.

This version of DNNTweet focused on providing the following features:

  • Make extensive use of jQuery UI and reuse of the jQuery UI CSS
  • Use jQuery plugins to enhance the user experience, and help with tasks
  • Search the twitter API for given search terms
  • Allow the jQuery and jQuery UI sources to be changed (incomplete)

As part of my (late) entry, I also made a quick video to help show you what the module does. 

Hopefully, this module can be found useful by you – if for no other reason, I hope it’s code is useful. 

One thing to be aware of is that I released this module under the MIT license, which is a deviation from my normal choice of the New BSD.  This is one of the hackathon requirements.

I hope you have fun with the module.  Download DNNTweet from the codeplex website.

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