Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Beware of Stolen Blog Content and Avoid the Thieves

I occasionally get requests from various people if they can repost one of my articles here and there.  Usually, these requests are from those who want to translate it for their own sites or visitors.  However, this is usually a win-win relationship.  They always link back to the original article, and clearly post who wrote the content.  However, I have just been made aware of my first known content thief who is blatantly stealing my articles and changing all of the links to go to their own categories. 

The unfortunate thing about those who steal content from other sites, is that if they do it right, they can easily generate a lot of visitor traffic to their website.  In turn, they get a lot of revenue from their ads and embedded ad links throughout their site.  This is the same traffic that some of us who work hard to provide a valuable service and meaningful content would love to have.

I am sure that you will run across my current thief, and I really want to let you know who they are so that you can do your best to stay away from them at all costs.  However, I am going to give them a couple of days to respond to my request to remove my content first.  If they do not respond appropriately, I will let you know everything!  ;)

For those of you that don’t know, in the United States, nearly anything that gets committed to a medium is protected by copyright laws.  Luckily, through various treaties and agreements through the UN, these copyright laws are enforceable in many other countries in the world – including the home of my current thief, Australia.

Help me protect myself and the others out there who spend their valuable time trying to provide content to you for free.  The little bit we might get from our own ad revenue helps to offset some of the costs of the hosting and content generation, which gives a little bit more incentive for us. 

As of this moment, the only website and entity that  have given explicit permission to republish my content on their own is DotNetNukeBlogs.com.  If you see my posts aggregated anywhere else (besides on DotNetNuke®), please refrain from visiting that website.

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