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Reflecting on My First Blog Post on the DotNetNuke Website

I just completed my first blog post on the DotNetNuke® website.  I cannot express to you how excited that made me!  :)  This first post focused on the alpha release of the Media Module.  I haven’t committed fully yet on how I am going to handle the multiple blog sites yet.  Most people seem to cross-post on their personal blog, and on the DNN site.  This seems to work pretty well.  I think I might do the same thing moving forward, but I am not yet sure.  What do you think?

If I don’t cross post, the marketing side of my brain would feel compelled to write another separate post to notify the readers on the opposite site of the blog post.  This thought seems chaotic at best.  :)  Must keep my OCD tendencies in check…

That being said, blogging on the DNN site was a bit refreshing too.  I haven’t yet had time to upgrade my personal blog yet with the new DNN Blog Module.  So, I was able to see how well the DNN site’s blog integrated with Windows Live Writer.  Excellent job by the Blog team!

As far as the content that you’re going to find in my blog on the DNN site, my initial thoughts are the following:

  • Media Module updates
  • User Group Advisory Council updates
  • Various DNN Corp related stuff

I want to thank Scott Willhite and the wizards behind the curtain.  Between the two, they helped get my blog started there.  We had a few speed bumps in making it happen.  Probably the biggest speed bump to date is that Scott still doesn’t have his clone yet.  Seriously people…  Let’s get that knocked out!  Hehehe…

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