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Learn About the BigfootMVC Framework for DotNetNuke Developers

Orlando DotNetNuke Users Group (ODUG)

Tomorrow is the June Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group (ODUG) meeting.  I am very excited about this meeting, because it features one of our own members as the headline speaker.  We will also be having a segment of our meeting called “DNN Appetizers” where a 5-10 minute presentation about how to do something cool with DotNetNuke® is done by an ODUG member.  Also, we are going to have PLENTY of prizes for all that attend.

The ODUG meetings always begin with opening announcements with news about the ODUG, DNN, and from our user group members – and of course information about our outstanding sponsors!  However, this month we will be having a handful of very exciting announcements.  Depending on how attendance goes, you will need to be present to get the news.  We may not be able to stream the meeting.

DNN Appetizers

For the last couple of months, following the opening announcements is a segment we’ve named DNN Appetizers.  This is a short moment for anyone that wants to jump up in front of the group to show us something new or cool with DNN.  Our first time doing this, Darrell Hardy showed us some of the ways that DNN PE is different from DNN CE.  The second time, I showed the group how to easily add a page ear advertisement to their website using the Pageear Module by Markit Modules.  Both mini-presentations were very well-received. 

This month, we welcome Jim Sparks, who will show everyone how to create and send animated postcards using something called TOONPlayer.  He promises to use Darrell Hardy and I as subjects for his animations, so this should be entertaining to say the least.

Real World DNN Module Development Using BigfootMVC

Mitch Labrador Our very own Mitch Labrador is our speaker this month.  I am more excited than usual, because Mitch is not only an ODUG member, but he’s also relatively new to speaking at user groups.  Mitch isn’t new to technology or DNN though.  He has more than 12 years under his belt developing software solutions.  At least a few of those years have been spent working on DNN and MVC solutions.  It came natural to him to decide to merge the two technologies together.  Enter, BigfootMVC…  BigfootMVC is new open source framework that allows you to build modules for DNN using the MVC pattern.  In fact, it’s so new, the codeplex site is still not published.  (I am guessing that Mitch wants to wait until the meeting to do the release.)

I must admit though, Mitch is a victim of peer pressure.  He mentioned through passing after an ODUG meeting that he had this framework built that he built while creating his famed Tribalhut CRM module.  (That is a FANTASTIC module!!!)  He said that he thought about releasing the MVC style framework as an open source project.  I never let him forget it ever since.  Seriously… I first documented this stalking in twitter in February!  :)  It appears that this will be a big WIN for the DNN community now.

This will be an exciting presentation to attend.  If you’re interested in DNN development in even the slightest, you should be at this meeting.  No fluff!  I cannot wait to see how Mitch has integrated the simplicity of MVC into DNN, and compare how different it is to the MVC implementation in DNN now.

After Party

You spoke, and we listened.  Many people have had various complaints about the place we have been meeting at after the meeting.  This month, we will be going to the tiki bar half a block away.  This is the same place that the ONETUG used to meet if you’ve ever went to one of those after parties.  It’s a great place, with less smoke, and much easier to talk to each other.  Woo hoo!


I hope we see you at this meeting.  If you are not attending the upcoming Nerd Dinner, this will be my last opportunity to network with you before I move.  So please come to the meeting! :)  You’ll get free stuff, free food, and unlimited networking!  (Yet another company was recently formed as a result of the ODUG!)

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