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DotNetNuke Hackathon Meeting Details & Door Prizes

Nik Kalyani I am in the middle of finalizing the details and preparations for the largest and most exciting Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group (ODUG) meeting to date.  Part of the reason for the excitement is because it features Nik Kalyani.  That’s only the beginning though.  There is so much more to look forward to.  For instance, we have joined forces with the local .Net user group, ONETUG.  Both groups have a great chemistry, so this will be interesting.

First of all, the meeting is this Tuesday, on May 4th at 6:30 PM at the Orlando City Hall (9th floor) in downtown Orlando.

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Topic:  DotNetNuke Hackathon

Orlando Hackathon This month we have a fun and exciting new format to unveil to everyone.  It’s called a hackathon.  This is an event where the speaker hold an interactive coding session where everyone can watch or follow along at their own pace.  Our speaker, Nik Kalyani, will be showing us how to build a DotNetNuke® module using the Model-View-Presenter (MVP) pattern.  DO NOT take this for-granted.  Nik is an exceptional speaker, and has a vast array of technical knowledge, and it doesn’t just center around DNN.  So BE THERE and PICK HIS BRAIN!

At the end of the session (or even before), you will have all of the tools and knowledge to get started with your own DNN module, and that’s the point.  This is because the hackathon isn’t just a cool meeting.  It’s a COMPETITION, with the grand prize winner getting a cherry red Dell Vostro 3500 notebook!  Runners up will get an Acer netbook.  All you have to do is use the very simple project specs to create an open source, MIT licensed module within 24 hours.  Then, you and your fellow hackathon participants will vote on their favorite entries.  Winner takes all!

Make sure you check out the Hackathon website to register and learn more about the prizes, projects, and other details.

Projects: http://hackathon.in/Cities/Orlando/Projects.aspx

Rules: http://hackathon.in/Cities/Orlando/Rules.aspx

Prizes / Door Prizes

We have a ton of prizes people.  Seriously!  This isn’t just marketing mumbo-jumbo.  Check out this non-inclusive list of door prizes and/or prize sponsors:

There are many more prizes to put on that list, but I do not have the full list of prizes coming from the ONETUG.

Special Guests

Aside from our prestigious speaker, we have two other special guests coming in from out of town to be at this meeting. 

First, we are welcoming back Megan Hopkins.  She is flying in from San Francisco to help us out with our newest sponsor, Signature Consultants.  Megan has been a huge supporter of all developers in the Central Florida area for a long time, even from afar.  So, this is a very special treat for everyone, as she will be introducing us to the other local folks at Signature.

We will also be welcoming Will Morgenweck, the owner of one of the most popular DNN module companies, Active Modules.  Will is also coming from out of town, and will be giving away a few licenses for Active Social and Active Forums.  You must be present for these goodies!  If you’re present, you also get to spend time with the brain of AM.  Bring your questions!


City of Orlando Normally, the ODUG meets at CoLab Orlando, but our meeting is way too big this month to fit into their facility.  Luckily, this problem was quickly and easily solved when the ONETUG offered to join us.  Part of what makes that very special is that we get to hold our meeting with them at their venue, the Orlando City Hall.  I have been to numerous user group meetings in many places, and this is hands down, the best venue for a user group that I have been to so far.

We would like to not only thank the ONETUG for letting us use their meeting space, but also JT.  He is the ONETUG Treasurer, and works for the city of Orlando and makes sure that we get the venue when we need it.


Where would we be without our fantastic sponsors?!  Simply put…  No where special.  Our sponsors have added value to our user group for a long time.  While this is a challenge to maintain for any user group, our sponsors have made this incredibly easy.  Not only that, but our newest ODUG board member, Alex Buckles, has done a phenomenal job of rounding up and organizing sponsors over the past month.

This meeting in particular has a very special sponsor.  Our meeting sounds this great for one reason.  PowerDNN has stepped up to the plate to sponsor nearly everything that is going on at this meeting. This includes some of the swag, and the hackathon grand prizes.  We cannot thank PowerDNN enough for their generous contributions and exceptional support to make this event happen.  If you have a moment, please write them a thank you note.

PowerDNN:  Official Sponsor of the Orlando DotNetNuke Hackathon

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