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My Son’s Very First PowerPoint Presentation

My 9 year-old son has to do his first science project at school this year on his own.  Until now, his science projects have been a class project.  Having gone through this before, my only requirement to the kids is that they come up with their own idea for the project.  I don’t want them doing what their friends are doing.  This forces them to use their brain to figure out an experiment using scientific method – which is the whole point of the project in the first place.  I am not a fan of any child using their friends or siblings ideas.  Be as unique as you can! :)

Well, the first part of the project is to turn in your idea of the project to the teacher.  This involves handing over your scientific question, project title, hypothesis, and so on.  The project he chose to do is about saving electricity.  He wants to prove (or disprove) that you save electricity when all of your appliances that are not in use are unplugged.  I love this idea!  It shows that he cares about the environment, thinks about saving electricity, and (indirectly) cares about how much our bills are. Hehehe…

He chose to “present” his project idea.  In turn, he decided on his own to use Microsoft PowerPoint to do this.  I didn’t know this until after his finished product was done.  I just assumed he was going to use Microsoft Word. 

About 2 hours (or less) later, he called me into his room to see what he had done.  He was so excited, and for good reason.  I think he did a fantastic job!  I have literally seen worse slide decks from full grown adults.  Seriously.

Here is his slide deck.  Pay special attention to the graphics he found and imported all on his own, and how they relate to the content on the slide.  I am amazed! :)

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