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Upgrading DotNetNuke to Use jQuery Version 1.4.2

jQuery I didn’t notice it when it happened, but jQuery has had a couple of stabilization releases since the popular 1.4 release.  The updates are pretty significant and I have seen performance increases that were noticeable to the eye with several implementations after upgrading.  I would highly recommend upgrading your current jQuery core scripts if you’re not running version 1.4.2.  Here are some tips for those of you running jQuery in your DotNetNuke® sites.

First of all, as I discussed in this blog before, upgrading the jQuery core script in your DNN site can be as easy as overwriting the existing jQuery file.  Since it was covered there, I won’t go into detail about that again, but I will talk about the current versions.

Aside from the many bug fixes and significant performance enhancements, here are some of the updates that have been made to jQuery since version 1.4:

Even if there weren’t any new features, the benchmarks show that with a 2x improvement in speed since version 1.3.2, your UI enhancements would benefit tremendously.

You can tell which version of jQuery you’re running by looking at your Host Settings page.  Find it near the bottom of the Advanced Settings section.

Host Settings > Advanced Settings > jQuery Settings

You can upgrade the DNN jQuery file by following the advice in my earlier blog post.  However, what if you’re using the Google hosted version?  It is not very clear how to upgrade that, although it could be figured out.  Unfortunately, DNN Corp is not updating that setting even when they upgrade the jQuery version included with DNN.  By default, the hosted URL is:


If you want to upgrade to the newest hosted version, just change it to the following, and check the “Use Hosted jQuery Version” checkbox.


Click the Update link at the bottom of the page, and you’re running the newest jQuery version.  Congrats!

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