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Upcoming Webinar for the DotNetNuke Beginner

Will Strohl at the 2010 South Florida Code Camp I will be presenting a webinar later this month titled, “DotNetNuke® Essentials: Simple Solutions for Building Your Website.”  I have been very excited for quite some time to be able to announce this.  The webinar will focus on DotNetNuke® from the beginner’s perspective.  This is not meant for the module developers, programmers, skinners, etc.  This webinar is more focused on your content management and website administrators.  However, they need not have had any DNN experience to participate or follow along.

This webinar is meant purely for the beginners, and those who are interested in using DNN.  Out of all of the presentations and training with DNN that I have ever done, this is the type of presentation I love the most.  It is so much fun and rewarding to see the reaction people have when they see what DNN can do!  You can almost see them leaning out of their seats to go and try it that very moment.

Unfortunately, you don’t get the same kind of instant feedback during webinars since I cannot see you, but it’s still a blast!

The DotNetNuke® Essentials webinar is broken up into 3 sections.

How To Get Started

We will begin where everyone does, with installation.  I love this area too.  It’s so cool to get feedback from people that had been told or thought that DNN was just too difficult to install.  It really isn’t.  The concept is just not easy for some people to grasp.

Once DNN is installed, we are going to walk through the common ways that you would need to use to update your DotNetNuke® website.  We are going to change the design of the DNN site, and then wrap this first section up with an upgrade.

Managing Content on a DNN Created Site

The next section goes a little deeper in detail in terms of managing DNN website content.  It takes much more than just adding some text to a page.  There are various situations where your content needs to do a little more than just display some words.  You might need to move it, export it, import it, and more. 

Once we go over the common ways to manage content, we will explore the Admin menu in detail.  There are several nooks and crannies in the  Admin area that many new DNN administrators may not get to for a while.

Best Practices for Website Administration in DotNetNuke®

We will be wrapping this presentation up by reviewing some of the best practices out there for administrating your DNN websites. 

The webinar will end with a question and answer period where I will answer any questions that you may have about DotNetNuke®.  Go ahead.  Throw me a curve ball!  :)

If that sounds good to you, then make sure you sign up.  But your benefits don’t end there.  You will also be receiving a downloadable handout that outlines everything we will be talking about, and can be used as a cheat sheet following the webinar.

Does that sound too good to be true?  It’s not.  The webinar is not free – but it’s cheap.  For $199.00, you get 90 minutes of exclusive and interactive DNN training in the comfort of your home or office.  You will have the opportunity to ask any DNN questions that you want.  You’re going to have a DNN cheat sheet that you download before the webinar and can use as much as you want after the event.

March 29, 2010  1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST

DotNetNuke® Essentials: Simple Solutions for Building Your Website

I hope to see you there!  In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions.

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