Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Orlando Code Camp 2010 Call for Speakers

Orlando Code Camp As of a few days ago, the call for speakers officially opened for this years Orlando Code Camp.  Since it first began 5 years ago, this has been one of the premiere code camps to go to in the State of Florida.  One of the main reasons for this has partially been because we’ve had some really great speakers every year.  When I say “great speakers,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that the speakers were high profile.  It just means that they put on some very good presentations about relevant content.

Do you have something interesting to show the developer community?  Can it fill an hour time slot?  You don’t have to be an expert on anything, but you do have to be willing to stand in front of your peers and show them something cool. Believe me, YOU have what it takes.  Put together a session title and description, and go on to the Orlando Code Camp website, and submit your session.

All people and all sessions are welcome.  Just make sure you have your abstract (title and description) well-written.  If you get that right, and you also incorporate something new or innovative, you’re nearly guaranteed to be chosen to speak at this year’s Orlando Code Camp.

This year, the Orlando Code Camp is on March 27, 2010 and is once again at the Seminole Community College.  Mark your calendars to attend, no matter if you’re speaking or not.

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