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Windows Live Writer Limitation with Images

My latest blog entry was about my trip to Connecticut in 11/2009.  I was so excited about some of my pictures, that I tried to include many of them.  I used the Polaroid Picture plugin for Windows Live Writer for all of them at first.  I thought, “Why not?”  After all, I’ve done this many times before with no problems.  This would prove to not be the case this time around.

I am currently writing on a newly installed instance of Windows 7 at home right now.  It was really great to finally get some personal stuff taken care of to make this possible.  Anyhow, I have nearly all of the programs that I need installed right now, including WLW.  I have even gotten my blog entries all synched up with the cloud, so I can blog from multiple machines, using the same WLW posts.

I said that this experience posting was different because my first post from this machine simply would not go through.  I kept trying and trying, and even checking my firewall, because I kept getting an obscure (but unvalidatable) error message:

Network Connection Error
Error attempting to connect to weblog at:
<blog url>
The operation has timed out

This was perplexing, because the connectivity was there.  The blog and the API that talks to WLW was working just fine.  The blog would simply not publish.  And to make matters worse, it would take forever to get that error each time, and the error somehow regenerated the blog entry as a draft several times.  The WLW event log was only helpful to tell me the exception that was occurring.  Nothing more.  It was frustrating, and doing several web searches didn’t really help me at all.  In the end, I just had to use the few clues on the sites that came up in the searches to lead me to my answers…

I first thought that maybe the “timed out” clue meant that the image sizes were too large.  So, I resized and compressed them.  No dice.

Next, I decided to reduce the number of images.  I cut them in half.  Still didn’t work. 

Finally, I changed the method that I was using to include the images.  I switched from the Polaroid plugin to the standard image plugin on WLW.  Viola!  For some reason, the Polaroid plugin is not working on this system.  (Windows 7 Ultimate)

Now that I found that I could get a post to work again, I included all of the original images (optimized) again, only to find the original error had also come back.  This time, reducing the number of images got me around the error.

It seems that I may have been reaching the HTTP post limit on my server.

Summary:  Optimized your images for the web; reduce the number of images in your post; and try using another plugin or remove it altogether, if you are using one in your post.

Even though I am happy to be posting again, I sure wish I could use the Polaroid plugin.  It really is a sweet plugin!

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