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Learn About Using jQuery in DotNetNuke Tomorrow Night

jQuery Tomorrow night I will be in chilly Connecticut to speak to the Connecticut DotNetNuke® User Group (DNNCT) about jQuery.  This is still kind of a new group, in that it’s still finishing its first year of service.  The group is headed up by a well-known DotNetNuke® guru, Tom Kraak.  Tom was invited to the ODUG earlier this year about SEO, so I felt it only appropriate that I return the favor, and tomorrow I do!

The DNNCT group meeting is in Wallingford for the last time tomorrow (as announced in their most recent newsletter).

Connecticut DotNetNuke Newsletter Tweet

Many people in Florida are already familiar with my jQuery talk, as I have given it at a couple of code camps already.  Luckily for the DNNCT, my presentations only get better, so they are in for a treat!

Here’s what to expect from my talk…

  • Short introduction to jQuery and its selectors
  • Introduction to where jQuery is used in DNN
  • Introduction on how to incorporate jQuery into your DNN development efforts (skins and modules)

Keep in mind that this is a very fluid topic, so this direction might change depending on the level of experience in the audience.  There was a single time where we basically just spoke about jQuery selectors. 

I hope to see you there.  Please visit the DNNCT website for the venue details, but I otherwise expect to see you there tomorrow night at 7pm.

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