Will "the Mighty" Strohl

DotNetNuke Has Many Microsoft MVP’s

With Antonio Chagoury visiting recently, and the last code camp in Florida wrapping up for the year, I’ve been talking to many Microsoft MVP’s.  As a result of these recent conversations I’ve been having, I was curious…  How many Microsoft MVP’s are there in the DotNetNuke® community?  As it turns out, the answer might surprise  you.  I know it did me!

There are a couple of obvious people in the community that immediately pop into my head when I thought about this, and that’s Shaun Walker and Nik Kalyani.  But can you believe that there’s actually 18 MVP’s active in the DNN community?!  That should allow you to rest easy, knowing that when you have a problem, there’s several MVP’s out there helping to create and contribute to DNN.

At least that’s my count. The number might be higher, as I might have forgotten some names.

I came up with the list below.  Not all of them began in DNN, but they are definitely known to support DNN, speak about DNN, and use it regularly in their development.  This list was created using the Microsoft MVP website.  (And these are just quick blurbs about what they do, so information is obviously missing.)

Are you impressed?  I know I am…  Congratulations to all of these folks!

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