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Upcoming Speaking Engagements for November 2009

November is proving to be a busy month for me in all areas of my life.  November 10th is the Marine Corps birthday, but it’s also the day that we have our monthly Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group (ODUG) meeting.  Not to mention, this is also the date that my favorite XBox 360 game comes out, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  On 11/19, our ONETUG President will be out of town, so I will be organizing the monthly Orlando .Net User Group meeting on my own for the first time.  If those events were not enough, I also am speaking at 3 other events this month!

November 7th – Tampa Code Camp (DNN Administration)

Tampa Code Camp 2009 The Tampa Code Camp is coming up this weekend!  Tampa has a lot of great developers and other technology enthusiasts.  They also have quite a few authors and MVPs in the area.  This always makes for a great event for those that attend.  That being said, they were generous enough to accept a session from me, even though I put my hat in the mix pretty late.

I am presenting a session titled, DotNetNuke 5 Administration: Tips and Tricks.  I have done sessions like this in the past.  I plan to do an updated version of what I did last year at Tampa Code Camp.  Basically, I will walk though some of the more common tips and tricks that DNN administrators need to know.  But I am doing something new this time.  I have been ending my sessions with a ton of questions recently.  So, for this session I will be planning a larger block of time for a question and answer period – kind of like a roundtable discussion.

I hope to see you there!  Register on the Tampa Code Camp website.

November 17th – Connecticut DotNetNuke User Group (jQuery)

Connecticut DotNetNuke User Group

Earlier this year, Tom Kraak paid a very awesome visit to the ODUG from Connecticut.  This month, I return the favor by flying up there to talk to the Connecticut DNN user group about using jQuery in DNN development.  If you’re interested in jQuery at all, this is a great session for you to attend.  All of the concepts that I will be talking about can be easily translated into other development platforms and web projects.  After all, jQuery is just JavaScript.  (Really friggin’ cool JavaScript!)

Go to the DNNCT website for more information.

November 24th – Tampa DotNetNuke User Group (DNN Module Administration)

One of the newest user groups in the DNN community is the Tampa DotNetNuke® User Group.  Their leader is Jim Begley, of Glide Computing.  (He calls himself a “serial entrepreneur.” It makes me giggle to myself.)  Their first meeting boasted 15 people!  That’s incredible for a niche user group like DNN!  I cannot wait to come to their next user group meeting on the 24th of November.

I will be speaking about DNN Module Administration.  This session is going to be an overview of managing several of the modules in DotNetNuke®.  I am going to go over a small portion of my presentation from Tampa Code Camp to give some background to the rest of this presentation.  I plan on going over the updates to the Admin modules, the new Text/HTML module, and the new Google Analytics module.

Come out to the DNN meeting in Tampa to get all of the DNN goodness that you want!

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