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Full Disclosure About The Mighty Blog My Social Networks and Their Content

WillStrohl.com website screen shot In light of the recent changes in laws by the FTC, I felt that I should clean my slate to let you know about any and all compensation that I might be receiving for my content, links, words, and remarks.  This includes, my blog, and my social network profiles.  Even though I am legally obligated to mention these details going forward, you have no idea about my previous content, unless I have explicitly told you.  (Something I try to remember to do anyway for credibility’s sake.)

I do not receive any compensation directly for any of my blog posts, but I do have relationships with certain vendors and companies.  For example, my full-time job is with RezHub, where we focus on green travel.  However, I do not get any extra compensation or benefits from mentioning them or linking to the RezHub website.  Whenever I announce anything about RezHub, it is simply because I am excited about it. 

This is the trend for nearly all of my blog posts…  If I mention an event, product, service, or company, there’s reason other than compensation for it.  I do not mention a product or company unless it falls under one or more of the criteria below:

  1. The product/service is highly trendy or popular
  2. I have a highly positive experience with the product/service
  3. I have a highly negative experience with the product/service
  4. I am a user/customer of the product/service, and I encounter and fix a problem with it

That being said, I am not opposed to blogging about a product, company, or service for compensation.  But I will stick to my guns in terms of being honest.  I will not say something positive about a product without believing in that product myself.

I am going to list the other companies that I have mentioned and have a relationship with, and an explanation of that relationship.  But before you read the list, know this…  I disclose to everyone I talk about that I will be brutally honest.  If there is something I do not like about your product or service, and I think that it would be valuable to my readers, then I am going to mention it.

  • Applied Innovations:  Applied Innovations is my web host.  They provided sponsored hosting to myself, and the ODUG of which I am currently the President.  As a result, they also host the Day of DotNetNuke® and other user groups that the ODUG hosts.  However, there is no other compensation.  This relationship is primarily a sponsorship agreement.
  • Banner Advertisers:  I have advertisers on my site.  At this time, all of them are either affiliate agreements, or direct banner advertisers.  None of them compensate me for mentioning their website, products, or services.  This includes companies such as DNNSpired, Brian Scarbeau, Snapsis, and Catalook
  • DotNetNuke®:  I am not directly affiliated with the DotNetNuke Corporation in any way, other than being on the Media Module Project Team.  I do not receive any compensation from the DotNetNuke Corporation at all for my blog content.  I just really love and am passionate about their open source project.
  • jQuery:  This is the same explanation as DotNetNuke®, but I am not participating in any of their projects.
  • Microsoft:  I am an avid user and developer using Microsoft technologies.  However, I do not receive any direct compensation from Microsoft.  The closest I have been to receiving compensation was receiving a free ticket to a conference.
  • DNN Eco-System Vendors:  There are many companies operating within the DNN eco-system.  I have personal relationships with many of them.  Also, because I was the organizer of the Day of DotNetNuke®, I received compensation in the form of sponsorship to that event.  I have not received any other compensation outside of that context.
  • DNN Module Developers/Companies:  Keeping the previous point in mind, I also get many requests to look at someone’s module or provider.  A person who works for themselves or a company will ask me to take a look at their product, and tell them what I think.  In most cases, this “review” is intended to be kept offline – meaning that it was a confidential review.  This scenario happens at least a couple of times a month.
    In other cases, I might be asked to post a review of the product.  An example would be the Tag Cloud Module by Inspector IT.  I do not really look at this as compensation though, because in order for me to install the module legally, I need to have a license to use the module, which is obviously provided to me.  And once again, I disclose that I will be brutally honest.  If I don’t like something about the module, I will say it.  This is not as common, and I do disclose how I am compensated.
  • Wrox (Wiley Publishing):  It’s no secret that I did some technical editing for the folks at Wrox.  It was a great experience that I got paid for.  But I have not received any other incentives or compensation from them.  I have, however, received books to give away to the ODUG members as door prizes at our user group meetings.  They do not sponsor any of the content or links that I post.

That’s about it.  If I think of any other relationships I have with a commercial product, service, or company, I will leave a comment here.  Additionally, if you know of one that I missed, feel free to call me out in the comments below.  ;)

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