Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Lightbox Gallery Module Version 1.00.05 Released

Lightbox Gallery Module for DotNetNuke I know a few of you have become fans of the Lightbox Gallery Module that I released a couple of months ago.  I think that is really cool – especially since it was just created as a proof of concept for a DotNetNuke® presentation I gave at Jacksonville Code Camp this year.  I never intended for it to be a production module.  I was only trying to highlight a few methods of integrating jQuery into a DNN module.

The last version of the module was 1.00.04, and had an unfortunate flaw.  The manifest file was not updated properly.  The end result was that this module would install just fine and have no errors.  Additionally, there were no errors when the module was added to the page.  However, the module would not be shown on the page when you chose to do so.  This was due to a mistake in the manifest file.

I am very happy to announce that the manifest file has been fixed.  The newest version of this module is now available on the Lightbox Gallery module site on CodePlex.

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