Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Contact Collector Version 1.01.00 Released

A while back, I built a module for the Day of DotNetNuke® that was specifically meant for me to collect contacts for people that were interested in being volunteers at the event.  I called it that Contact Collector Module, because that’s all I wanted to do.  I wanted to collect contacts.  The module worked great, but it also highlighted some needed features.  I am happy to say that as of about 1:00 AM EST this morning, those features are now in the module.

One of the most visible weaknesses was in the expectation from the person filling in the contact form.  They expected more feedback to let them know what happened.  The initial release only told them that the information was saved.  In version 1.01.00 of this module, you can now optionally have an e-mail sent to the contact and even an administrator when a new contact is added.  The e-mails are even using a template to allow you to customize the text and look of the e-mails before you use the module.

The rest of the changes and features were much smaller in scope.  Here is a listing of all of the features of this release:

  • Optional notification when new contacts are added
  • Optional CAPTCHA
  • Automatically fill in the form fields when users are logged in
  • Added jQuery support
  • Added installation support for DotNetNuke® versions 4.09.04 and 4.09.05
  • Removed the version 5 series from the compatible versions node since DNN has chosen to get rid of that excellent feature

I hope you like this module.  As usual, it is free and fully open source.  You can download the Contact Collector Module from CodePlex.

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