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Southwest Florida Code Camp 2009 with DotNetNuke Goodness

I have given a tiny preview about the Southwest Florida Code Camp 2009 in an earlier blog entry.  But I now have all of the information you’ll need if you want to attend this years code camp in Naples, Florida.  Unfortunately, this is not going to be presenting DotNetNuke® content by the usual suspects.  I will be the only person presenting on DNN.  That’s better than nothing though!  Here’s what you can expect.

I have 3 back-to-back sessions in the latter half of the day on Saturday, October 3rd (8:00 AM), at the Embarq Auditorium which is part of the Florida Gulf Coast University.  My first session begins just after the lunch break, at 1:45 PM.  This is the dreaded hour for any instructor, presenter, or teacher.  This is when the audience gets a little drowsy and doesn’t participate well.  In the military classes I took years ago, we called this the “dead hour.”

Here are my sessions…  (If you attend my sessions, I will have some Day of DotNetNuke® freebies for you!)

Session 1 (1:45 PM) – Introduction to DotNetNuke 5

Have you heard of DotNetNuke® (DNN) and don't know what it is? Have you used it, but just don't know where to start with it? This session is designed to show you how to get started with DotNetNuke®, and give you the tools and information to leap forward to be able to use it for your websites and company. First, we will show you how to install it, and then give an overview of the features that the newest version of DNN has. Finally, we will give you guidance on how to move forward with DNN in your company, consultancy, or personal endeavors.

Session 2 (3:00 PM) – Introduction to DotNetNuke 5 Widgets

Will Strohl, contributing Technical Editor of Professional DotNetNuke 5 by Wrox gives an overview and functional demonstration of what widgets are included in DotNetNuke® 5, and how to work with them. You will also be shown exactly how they work, and where the source code lies. Afterwards, you will learn how to create your own widgets, and how DotNetNuke® helps you debug them. Finally we will learn how to install your very own widgets using the new DotNetNuke® 5 extension installer. This session will assume that you are familiar with JavaScript.

Session 3 (4:15 PM) – Using jQuery in DotNetNuke 5

jQuery has become the new buzz-word for the DotNetNuke® community, and for good reason. It provides developers of all ranges and talents the ability to build dynamic content that can be enhanced even more on the client-side. This session will walk you through ways you can include jQuery into any DNN website, as well as ways to integrate jQuery into every day development and business scenarios to save you and your visitors time and frustration.

Last year, I was supposed to present at this code camp, but I had to bow out the evening before.  Luckily, Stan Schultes was able to fill in for me.  I felt so bad.  This year, I plan to more than make up for my absence last year.  I hope to see you there.

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