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Windows Live Writer Tip: Using the Auto Linking Feature

One of the first things I do when using new or upgraded software is to look at the “options” or “preferences” to see how I am allowed to customize or extend my experience with the software.  Windows Live Writer was no different.  I had been using WLW for quite a while now though, and I only recently noticed one of its features.  As it turns out, it’s one of my favorite features!  Did you know about the Auto Linking feature?

The Auto Linking does exactly what it sounds like.  It automatically links text in your blog posts for you, as you type.  There’s no thinking or clicking involved one you set it up.  This feature is so simple and intuitive – but most of all, it’s incredibly productive!  Here’s how to use it…

First, click on the Tools menu, and choose Options.

Windows Live Writer: Tools menu > Options menu item

In the Options dialogue, click the Auto Linking option in the left pane.

Windows Live Writer: Options > Auto Linking

The Auto Linking options will load on the right side.  This is where you can manage the text that gets automatically linked while you are typing.  Make sure that you keep the “Automatically link matching terms” checkbox checked.  In order to add a new text snippet, click the Add button. 

Windows Live Writer: Auto Linking Options

In the new dialogue, you can enter the word(s) to match against.  For my example, I used “DotNetNuke®” for mine, to link to http://www.dotnetnuke.com.  You can also optionally choose to have the link always open in a new window, set the rel attribute, or a Title.

Add Auto Link

Once you are happy with the text and URL to link to, click OK to save your link.  You can now click OK to exit the Options dialogue, or continue adding more links.  The end result is that while you’re typing, the text will be automatically linked on the keystroke after the text is matched.  It’s awesome!

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