Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Injection Module v1.00.04 Released for DotNetNuke

There is a new version of the WillStrohl.Injection Module available for download.  If you are unfamiliar with this module, once you drop it onto a page in DotNetNuke®, it allows you to inject HTML-based content into the mark-up on your DNN website.  I have written, licensed, and made this module available as a free and open source project so that everyone can benefit from it.  This module could be useful for any number of use-cases.  Some of the more popular use cases have turned out to be for jQuery, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and more.

One of the chief complaints in the previous versions was a limitation on the number of characters that was allowed for the content to be injected.  This originally shown its ugly head when I included this field in the indexing on SQL Server.  This problem has been solved.  You no longer have a limitation on the number of characters injected into the page. 

The previous update has resulted in me making a decision in terms of support of SQL Server.  If you are familiar with SQL Server, then you know about the NTEXT data type.  Since version 2005, that data type has been replaced with a much more flexible NVARCHAR(MAX) data type.  I felt it was time to move forward, and make SQL Server 2005 our earliest version of SQL Server that is supported by this module.

There was an unfortunate oversight in the IPortable implementation that allows for this module to be moved from page to page, and portal to portal.  I had the wrong XPath queries in place.  As you might be able to tell from that statement, this feature was never completely debugged or tested in prior releases.  Also, the import function now writes errors to the Event Log when something bad happens.  That should have been in place already.

Here is a summary of the rest of the release notes:

  • Manifest updated to support installation on DNN version 4.09.05
  • Injection content can now be larger than 2000 characters
  • Fixed the Import/Export content feature (IPortable)
  • Added/Fixed JavaScript confirmation dialog when deleting injection items

Download and use the WillStrohl.Injection Module today.  It’s free, open source, and totally wicked-awesome!  ;)

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