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Why the Apple Software Update Irritates Me

I have always disliked the Apple Software Update, mainly because in the beginning it kept nagging me to install iTunes, and even installed it without my knowledge before.  I only have it running to keep Quicktime updated.  I don’t like Quicktime myself, but many people and movie houses post videos in the Quicktime movie format.  Therefore, since I like to watch movie trailers, I keep Quicktime installed, and updated.

In the last 2 years, the software update has been less intrusive to me, but today it ticked me off again.  I am just being picky and venting, but it showed me something that caused me to get irritated enough to spend some valuable time looking into it.

The software update dialog popped like it usually does, showing the available updates and new software available for Windows.  Usually, only Quicktime shows up in my updates pane.  However, this time, the iPhone Configuration Utility also does! 

Apple Software Update: iPhone Configuration Utility highlighted

I have never owned and do not plan to own an iPhone.  Therefore, I have had no reason now or in the past to install such a utility, much less update it!

I looked in my “Add/Remove Programs” dialog to see if I could uninstall it. It’s not listed.  I looked all over in my “Program Files” directory.  There’s no such program.  I did a search through my registry.  There were several entries with “iphone” in the names and keys, but not enough to show me an installed program.

This leads me to believe that this is a NEW install, not an update to an existing program, which is very misleading.  After all, if I have a program that needs an update, it’s generally a good idea to keep it updated - for security reasons, if nothing else.

Have any of you run into this too?  Do you have any more knowledge on the subject?

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