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Featured Blog: Brandon Haynes

Brandon Haynes If you are not familiar with the name “Brandon Haynes” then you should check this guy out (keep within context, jokers).  I had the pleasure of meeting Brandon at the first annual Day of DotNetNuke®, where he presented a topic titled, “Advanced Authorization in DotNetNuke 5.1.”  This presentation was given just before DNN 5.01.00 was even released.  Can you say cutting edge?

I was already aware of his talents at that point, having had various discussions about DotNetNuke® through e-mail, IM, and Twitter.  Brandon is the CEO of Eversport.net, Inc.  If you read through his bio on his site, you’d be very surprised to read that he’s a member of Mensa International, as well as once having been the youngest college student at his college, at the age of 12.  In retrospect, it’s no surprise that Brandon has been instrumental in helping me think through and solve some big problems.  The DotNetNuke Corporation has also taken notice of his talents, having recruited him to the Security Team.

This post isn’t about Brandon himself, though.  It’s about his blog.  In order to truly appreciate his content, it really does help to know his background.  Having been in a higher level of thinking for so long, Brandon is able to quickly identify and draft solutions to problems that we sometimes didn’t even know exist.  His blog is often a reflection of that talent.  When I think about that point, I am easily reminded of posts such as:

Unfortunately, like my previous blog that I highlighted, Brandon doesn’t blog as much as I’d like him to.  But every time he does, the content is top-notch, well-written, thinks outside of the box, has valid code samples or project info, and is thought-provoking.  There is nothing more that you can ask from a technical blogger.  In my opinion, anyone who wants to be a technical blogger should read his posts to get a good example of how to write and structure a technical blog post.

I hope I have achieved my goal with this blog entry, which was to highlight Brandon Haynes’ blog, and tell you why I read his post.  For me, his content regularly inspires my to look at my own projects with a refreshed perspective.  If you are at all interested in technical content, subscribe to his blog.  He doesn’t just write about DNN.

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