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Painting My Sons Room: San Diego Chargers Style

A while back, our house sprung a leak in the form of allowing water to enter the attic through the ceiling.  The water does what all water does on earth, it made its way down until it found ground.  On its way down, it made sure to soak the dry wall, and destroy the floor in my sons room.  Fixing the roof was quite simple, as it just needed to be resealed at a joint.  The room however needed a new wall and floor.

Both the floor and wall were going to be taken care of for us, but I decided to do the painting of the wall myself.  And since one wall was getting painted, all of the walls needed to be painted.  Here’s what the room looked liked once everything was torn out.


Since my son is just as much of a fan of the San Diego Chargers as I am, I decided to make his paint job something he’ll never forget.  I got Chargers colors, and executed my plan to make his walls reflect his passion for the team.  I began with taping up the walls of course…


Before I can paint, I need to make sure that  know where the bolt logo is going.  I used a projector to trace the lines where the bolt was to go.  Unfortunately, I already had a stripe of blue there too, that I’d have to paint over later.


Now it’s time to begin painting.  I started with the white parts.

Now that the white sections were done, I began with the dark blue on the bottom of the wall.


I have the bottom blue done, so I can move on to the top part of the wall, where the lighter blue was planned to be.


With the blue and white sections done, it was time to do the hard part, the bolt.  This was going to require extra special attention to get it right, as it was going to be the most visible thing in the room.  Everyone would notice if it was wrong.  So I began to use great attention to detail to get the painted sections just perfect.


Once I got the yellow part of the bolt done, we had to leave town for two weeks to handle some family business. The room made no progress by itself.  once I returned, however, it was back to business.  I finished the bolt, and then did the yellow outline on the rest of the wall.

With the major details completed, I was able to finally begin removing the tape on the wall for the last time.  At last, I would be able to see the wall as it was intended to look.  Everyone that saw it before could not see what I was able to, since I knew what the end product was going to look like.


You might be able to tell from the above pictures that I had some paint bleed through the tape.  That’s easily fixed with some touch up work later.  Needless to say, my son loves the room.  We get his floor installed tomorrow. I cannot wait to put his room back together for the final pictures.

I will post more pictures when the room is completely moved back in. 

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