Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Lightbox Gallery Module v1.00.03 Released

I have just posted the installation and source packages of the WillStrohl.LightboxGallery Module for DotNetNuke®.  If you are not familiar with this module, I blogged about it recently.  There are no new features in this release, just some stabilization.  Here are the release notes:

  • Fixed a bug the prevents the album from rendering – I was referencing the incorrect class to grab the path for the selected gallery folder on the server.
  • Ensured that slashes are interpreted no matter which are used – This was already done for the slashes throughout the folder name, but I was not checking for the preceding slash.
  • Changed the folder not found error to tell us the folder we tried to access, if authorized – If you are logged in with Edit permissions to the module, the error that tells you when a folder path is not found tells you the path that you entered.
  • Added the dependency node to the manifest – I really want to use the compatibleversions node, but it doesn’t appear that it’s going to be supported again. So, I have to ensure that we specify a minimum compatible version of DNN instead.

You can download version 1.00.03 of the WillStrohl.Lightbox Module at CodePlex.

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