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Now Guest Blogging About DNN on Applied Innovations

Applied Innovations I was asked not long ago to write a blog for Applied Innovations.  If you don’t know who they are, Appliedi is a very well-known web host in the State of Florida.  They do a ton to sponsor and help the community around here.  I have already begun switching my websites over to their hosting plans, since using them for the Day of DotNetNuke® and Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group (ODUG) websites.

They appear to be very quick to adapt to customer needs and desires.  This is very evident as you watch their blog and press releases.  One of the areas where this is evident, is with their support of DotNetNuke®.  They have a one-click installation in their control panel to get a DNN site installed.  (You of course have to go through the DNN installation wizard after that though.)

For the record, every site that I have hosted with Appliedi is running on the most recent version of DNN 5.

Appliedi asked me to start blogging for them, and my first task in blogging was to talk about the newest series of the DNN releases.  My first blog entry centers around talking about DNN 5.01.00 and above, talking about some of the newest features that have been introduced since the version 4 series.

Here is my blog on their site, please tell me what you think:  DotNetNuke® v5

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