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Blogging Woes with Windows Live Writer (Update)

I posted an entry a few days ago about a problem I began experiencing with Windows Live Writer.  I am proud to announce that those woes are all gone, and I am back using Windows Live Writer (WLW) again!  Woo hoo!  Here’s what I went through…

If you looked at the other post, you know that I began getting an obscure error from WLW.  It was, “An invalid IP address was specified.”  What in the heck does that mean?  I didn’t know until several hours later.  I was extremely lucky to have the expert assistance from a well-known DNN community member and Core Team Member, Brandon Haynes.  I already knew he was a smart guy.  I mean, look at his blog address!  :)  I now got to see first-hand how bright Brandon is…

Luckily for me, my error and PC symptoms really intrigued Brandon.  He began writing console apps and sending them to me to help troubleshoot what we thought was a problem with WLW.  With his incredible assistance, we quickly determined that the problem was not with WLW at all, but rather something deeper in Windows.

We spent plenty of time conversing via Live Messenger about the possible causes and various symptoms that my PC was giving me.  Eventually, we determined that the root of my problem was with my DNS server list.  One of the DNS servers was returning all IP numbers incorrectly encoded.  You know, those boxes and wing dings that you see when the character encoding is wrong?  What that means to my PC is that anything that needed to call out that wasn’t a web browser or IM was not working right, and/or was reporting various errors.

I posted the fix on the forum thread I opened on the WLW forums so anyone else who gets this error can fix it.  I looked for hours on various search results, and I kept seeing my error.  But I never once saw an answer to fix the error.

I cannot thank Brandon enough for his time and expertise.  He completely floored me with his (blind) troubleshooting abilities and knowledge.  His skills prevented me from wiping my PC clean, and starting from scratch.  I nearly did.  If you ever have a chance to work with Brandon on something, jump on the chance!  :)

What I Learned About the Various Blog Clients

In the aforementioned post I spoke about a few of the blog clients I began to try, in looking for a WLW replacement.  I must say that I am often not impressed with the software that Microsoft puts out there.  Out of my favorite software products, I can easily count on one hand how many originated in Redmond.  That being said, WLW would definitely be on my top 5 in that same list!  I can point out many things that WLW doesn’t have that other blogging clients does.  However, the features that is does have beat the competition, hands down.  Just considering the WYSIWYG editor, plugins, and image handling, I cannot choose another program out there.

I am extremely happy to be using WLW again.  Now, if Microsoft could just add some of those missing features… Hehehe…

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