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My Upcoming Speaking Engagements: 2009 August, September, and October

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I have a full plate right now in terms of upcoming speaking engagements the next few months.  I love spreading the word about DotNetNuke®.  The best part about it is, that I know I am helping someone learn something that they might have otherwise not known.  This hobby is continuing.  You should try to make it out to one of these events.

Jacksonville Code Camp

Date/Time:  Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 8:00 AM EST

I submitted 3 sessions to the popular Jacksonville Code Camp (a.k.a., Jax Code Camp), and at first, I was not selected to speak.  I was not heart-broken, as I was going through a lot at the time, and it was something of a relief.  Well… A few weeks later, I get notified that was selected after all!  Woo hoo!  So, here’s what is on the agenda for my session…

I am presenting Using jQuery in DotNetNuke® Development.  This session is meant to be an overhead view of using jQuery and integrating it into DNN module development.  Here is the description:

jQuery has become the new buzz-word for the DotNetNuke® community, and for good reason. It provides developers of all ranges and talents the ability to build dynamic content that can be enhanced even more on the client-side. This session will walk you through ways you can include jQuery into any DNN website, as well as ways to integrate jQuery into every day development and business scenarios to save you and your visitors time and frustration.

I am presenting in the first series of sessions, at 9:45 AM.  This is fine with me, as I plan on just driving for my session, and coming back.  We still have a lot of things going on at home, and there are things to get taken care of.  I really hate it when a speaker does this, so I really apologize.  Normally, I get a room, and stay overnight so that I can spend some time with everyone.  (Not to mention, my lady loves staying on the beach! Heh…) 

I hope to see you all there.  Bring your friends, and we’ll make it a DNN party!  ;)

Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group (ODUG)

Date/Time:  Tuesday, September 08, 2009 at 7:00 PM EST

Being the President of the ODUG, I try not to give presentations.  I would much rather handle the logistics of the show, and give other people a spotlight.  But next month, I will be presenting a session that I had to cancel in July (Sorry…).  The ODUG members will be hosting me, and my presentation, Using the DotNetNuke® Core Blog Module.  Here is the abstract for my talk:

We will walk through a first time blog configuration, and the flexibility it offers us to allow multiple blogs and blog themes. We will also take a look at the settings and options it gives us to truly make our blog our own. I have also done some things to help make my personal blog do some things that the Core Blog Module doesn’t do by itself. I will show you what I have done. Once we get through this, and if we have any time left, our final step will be to show you how you can modify the DNN Blog Module to put in some of your magic.

Our meetings are always FREE, but we do require that you register for our meetings, so we can accurately plan to feed you pizza and drinks.  The registration also helps us get swag from CodeZone UGSSRegister to attend now!

Southwest Florida Code Camp

Date/Time:  October 03, 2009 (time TBD)

The final one I am announcing right now is at the Southwest Code Camp at the in Estero, Florida.  I really had to make sure that I submitted a few sessions to this code camp.  I was on the docket for 2 sessions last year, first thing in the morning.  Unfortunately, I had an issue moving the day before, which forced me to cancel my plans to travel down to the Naples area.  I felt really bad, but it got worse when I found out that Stan Schultes stepped in and did my sessions for me.  Thanks again, Stan!

Anyhow, they kept bothering me to remind me to submit again, and I finally did today.  I submitted 3 sessions for consideration.  We’ll see how it goes.  I have word that Stan Schultes might be doing 1 or more DNN presentations, and there are a couple others who are considering as well.  Exciting!

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