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Featured DNN Blog: Nik Kalyani

As I mentioned before, I am going to begin featuring some of the blogs that I read, and tell you why.  The first installment to this ongoing series is Nik Kalyani.  First of all, who is Nik Kalyani?  If you’re familiar with DotNetNuke®, then you should already know that Nik is one of the co-founders of the DotNetNuke® Corporation.  Beyond that, he is a very innovative technologist, who brings many ideas together to approach tasks and projects.  I have only met Nik in person once (at Open Force Connect – Orlando 2008), and spoken to him on a couple of conference calls, as well as watched his web casts.  Above all though, I read Nik’s blog.

Nik Kalyani Blog Site: techbubble.net

Nik runs his blog using what appears to be the latest version of DNN, and a customized version of the Core DNN Blog Module.  Nik’s blog does not completely focus on DNN, and that’s just fine with me.  A blog that focuses on just a single topic tends to lose my interest.  For example, a company blog that only talks about company news, and doesn’t throw in anything else.  He also doesn’t blog as often as I’d like him to, but I am happy to read his blog just the same.  Whenever he does post, you can be certain that the content will be top notch, and will likely inspire you to try something new, no matter what your competency area is.

Throughout the duration of the time that I have been reading Nik’s blog, I have enjoyed various topics, such as:

  • Just What We Need…Another Web Browser
    This post goes into a little rant about Apple releasing their Safari browser to the Windows platform.  This post actually prompted me to install and test the browser.  (It was only installed for about a week. It sucked.)
  • Dynamically Switching Stylesheets Using Client-Side Code
    You can tell that this was the precursor to the most widely-used DNN widget we have in DNN 5.x.
  • Milestones on a Rewarding Journey
    This is a great walkthrough of how DNN Corp was able to get funding, from Nik’s perspective.  Being an entrepreneur, he took a major risk, and moved his family from one side of the country, to the other.  This will give you a lot of appreciation for what Nik has gone through up to this point with DNN, as well as showing how much he believes in DNN.
  • Notable Facebook News Item
    This is classic! Nik noticed that the “father” of DNN, Shaun Walker, had finally become a fan of DotNetNuke®!

I could post more, but that should give you a little taste of his blog.  I would certainly recommend that you give his blog a try.  Read it, or add it to your RSS Reader.

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