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Google Reader Adds “Send To” Feature

I don’t know about you, but my RSS Reader of choice is Google Reader.  It’s chock full of features, fast, and I can access it everywhere.  With feature updates like the one I am about to talk about, it only gets better.  There may be a better reader out there, but so far, this one suits me just fine.  Google Reader is the main tool I use to keep up with all things DotNetNuke®

What is an RSS Reader?

Some of you might not know what a RSS Reader is.  First, Wikipedia does a great job of defining a RSS Reader

In short, a RSS Reader is a software tool or program that allows you to aggregate content of your choosing from anywhere on the Internet.  There is a very wide variety of product offerings for all kinds of RSS Readers out there.  Some are installable desktop programs, others are web-based, and yet others try to bridge the gap between those two.  Regardless of your preferred reader, you can save all kinds of time by using them.

The New “Send To” Feature

Using Google Reader, I read today on Matt Cutts’ blog about the new “Send To” feature.  If you’re not familiar with Matt Cutts, he is the head of the Webspam Team at Google, and an avid blogger about many things, mostly technology (and Google, of course).

Matt just wrote about the “Send To” feature, where Google Reader allows you to share your favorite blog entries from any of your feeds with a simple click or two of the mouse.  This is great, as it can easily save you a bunch of time if you want to share a particular piece of content via Digg, Facebook, and several other built-in sharing sites.  Additionally, they took this feature even further, in allowing you to add any other similar site very easily.  Since I like using DotNetKicks and PimpThisBlog, that’s exactly what I set out to do.

Google Reader "Send To" Feature

Using this feature is as simple as clicking on the “Send To” button at the end of any item in your feeds.  Then you choose which method you want to use to share that item.  You will not see this on your reader until you go into your settings and add at least one method of sharing.

Google Reader: Sent To Settings

As you can see, there are several options provided to you by default.  But the real beauty of this feature is that it also allows you to add links that are not there.  For example, my favorite link sharing site is PimpThisBlog.  Adding them as an option to “Send To” is as simple as clicking the “Create a Custom Link” button at the bottom of the page.

Google Reader: Create a New "Send To"

With only three fields, you cannot go wrong.  All you need now is the URL format for your link sharing site.  PimpThisBlog uses the following format:


The folks at Google did a good thing by providing their replacement tokens right there on the form, and to also make them easy to use.  In order to add my link, I ended up with the following URL for the form:


That’s it!  I just gave it a name, and I was immediately able to successfully share any of my favorite blog entries with the world! 

On a side note, you may notice that in my screenshot, I have icons specified for both of my custom links.  I got creative in my acquisition of those icons.  Therefore, I am not condoning the same “creativity” by telling you how and/or where I got them.  :)

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