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ODUG is Now Hosted by Applied Innovations

Some time ago, I won a free VPS hosting account from Applied Innovations at Open Force Connect – Orlando (now known as Day of DotNetNuke®).  Well, like a dummy, I didn’t make time to use it and my entire free year went by without me so much as logging in to my account.  However, this led to something much better!

This free account led to me getting to know the CEO of Applied Innovations, Jess Coburn, a little better.  (By the way, I didn’t know that Jess has a blog, until I wrote this post!)  When I contacted them upon getting my expiration notice, Jess offered up extension of the free hosting.  I certainly wanted to take him up on it, but time continued to be an issue, since this would involve moving some sites.

Applied Innovations As it turns out, the Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group (ODUG) needed to move its sites a few weeks ago.  Our current hose at the time came across some difficulties, and as a result, we needed to find a new home.  Jess was first in line to help us out!  So, amid a family crisis, I began moving the ODUG site to a hosted VPS account at Applied Innovations.

As you can probably guess, the ODUG site is built on DotNetNuke®.  Therefore, there were certain considerations in place when we look for any web host, much less a new host to move an existing site to.  We needed to make sure that we had the following features:

  • Control Panel
  • IIS (preferably 6+)
  • SQL Server 2005 (since we were already running on 2005)
  • Great support
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Fast servers

Orlando DotNetNuke Users Group (ODUG) It was quickly apparent that not only did we have the bare minimum requirements met by Applied Innovations, but we also had the excellent support, fast servers, and uptime that we required in order to run an efficient user group online presence.  This is more important to us than other user groups, because part of our goal is to host other DNN user groups

(By the way, if you want your user group to be hosted under our domain, please let me know. We would like to have a network of user groups all in the same portal. For example: http://yourcity.dotnetnukeug.net)

I have yet to run into an instance where I first begin using a new web host, and I don’t need to contact their support for anything.  Ever since I can remember, beginning a hosting relationship with a new host has always required, at minimum, one support request.  There ended up being a small handful of support requests to Applied Innovations during our move.  This was not due to their services or tools being unintuitive, but rather, everything being much more organized than I have seen from other hosts so far.

We have been completely moved with everything working since sometime during our last ODUG meeting (8/4/2009).  I was working on it while our speaker was doing his presentation.  Sorry, Darren… :)  It was a great presentation though – seriously!

I must say, that overall, I had a wonderful experience moving our user group sites to the new servers.  Included in this hosting right now are: Tallahassee .Net User Group, Day of DotNetNuke®, and the ODUG.  (Make yours next! Contact me!)

Thank you so much to Jess and his team of dedicated staff!  They have been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition, and working with me.  It wasn’t easy, since my recent availability was hindered.  But it’s done, and the site has certainly seen a performance improvement in our new (virtual) home!

If you haven’t tried Applied Innovations for your hosting needs, I suggest you give them a try.  I now have 2 VPS accounts and several shared accounts with them, and I am 100% happy!  (Versus just being “content” with my previous host. I will not name them since I have a couple accounts with them still. Hehehe…)  And did you know that Applied Innovations got runner-up in the asp.netPRO Readers Choice Award category for web hosts?  Just to be in the nomination list is an accomplishment, as we all know that there are literally thousands of web hosts our there.

FYI – As of this blog entry, this site is now also being hosted by Applied Innovations.

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