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Annual Packt Open Source CMS Award 2009

Packt Open Source CMS Award 2009

It’s that time of year again.  Packt Publishing is once again holding it’s annual award process where everyone votes for the best open source content management system (CMS).  While it’s an honor for any CMS to make it into the final voting, as DotNetNuke® always does, DNN usually gets snubbed pretty good in this contest.  Traditionally, DNN has not been considered a true open source product since it requires to be installed on a Windows operating system, which is obviously not an open source OS.

So… What’s better than getting snubbed?  Why, getting the win, of course!  Here’s my call out to the DNN community…

Call your friends, and call your family.  Heck!  Call your mother.  Have everyone you know go to the Packt Award site, and vote for DotNetNuke®

You can vote for DNN in two different categoriesOverall Open Source CMS Award, and Best Other Open Source CMS Winner.

So vote now, and recruit the vote from everyone you know.  Remember that client who you had rolled out a DNN solution for?  Call them.  How about that friend who needed a blog site, and you used DNN for?  Call them too!  Let’s give DNN the win this year!

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