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Movie: Peaceful Warrior

A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend somehow happened upon the web site for a movie called "Peaceful Warrior". Knowing that I am a movie buff and perhaps thinking that she might like the movie too, she sent me a link to it. After watching the trailer for it, I was immediately hooked into wanting to see the movie. The trailer made me believe that this was a movie that was right down my alley.

Also on the web site at the time was an offer to get free tickets to see the movie. Since I am one of the many that believes seeing a movie is very expensive these days, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to see a movie for free. Besides, if it stunk, all I would be out is concessions, gas, and toll. (Looking back, that now sounds like a lot too...)

The movie is based on a book/life story of a person named Dan Millman. Admittedly, I did no further investigation on the movie or plot line other than watching the trailer, so going into the movie, I had no idea that Dan Millman actually existed, nor that there were books about this. (Apparently, I also missed the caption in the beginning of the movie that stated this. I was probably swimming in my nachos at the time.)

I was hooked in with this movie from the very first moment. The camera worked was not intrusive enough to take your focus off of the characters, and the plot didn't move too fast or too slow. It plodded right along. (My girlfriend will certainly say that there were points where the movie did indeed slow up too much, but I disagree.) This movie featured a relatively unknown actor named Scott Mechlowicz playing Dan Millman. Also in the film was a surprisingly healthy-looking Nick Nolte and a small role for Amy Smart.

Dan Millman is introduced as an egotistical and overconfident gymnastic athlete who is destined to go to the Olympics as long as he practices as hard as he can every day and party as much as he wants to every night. Nick Nolte's character was sarcastically nicknamed "Socrates" by Dan Millman in the beginning of the movie. The movie ended having never revealed his real name. Socrates sort of mentors Dan Millman into becoming a better person, and in turn everything else in his life would become better.

This movie introduces (or renews) some very basic but important principles in life that we should all recognize and apply in our own lives. For instance, the destination is not important. If we all become what we think we want to be, it would not matter at all. What matters is the journey that took us there. (This is better explained and framed in the film.)

Dan Millman has an unfortunate tragedy occur to him during the movie that changes his life completely and Socrates guides him to begin the journey that Dan Millman did not know he intended to have. He was previously entranced by the destination, but the journey became his focus.

Without giving out any more of the plot, I will tell you this... Nearly all movies have some book that it is based on, or that gets written and released afterwards. I have read some of these books. Usually this was prior to the movie being thought of. However, this is the FIRST movie that made me want to buy the book after. We watched the movie in a mall-type location and there was a bookstore right outside of the theater. The store did not have the Dan Millman books, but I have one of them now.

I encourage you to take yourselves and anyone you care about to see this movie. It is definitely worth the price of admission.

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