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Admin Pages in the DNN Site Map

I recently came across what I thought was a bug in the way that certain pages were added to the site map in DotNetNuke®.  You see, if you’re not already familiar with the DNN site map feature, you can go to the SiteMap.aspx page on any DNN installation to see it.  For example, mine is here:


This is a very useful feature, especially for larger sites, or for those who are not very familiar with generating their own site map XML file.  That’s right!  The site map we’re talking about is the same kind that gets submitted to search engines, to show them where all of your web pages are.  It is written in XML, which is not the optimal language that some folks might want to work with.

Anyhow, we were talking about what looked at first to be a bug in the site map feature.  Basically, in reviewing my site map output, I noticed that all of the pages found in the Admin Menu were listed in the site map.  I freaked out!  Why in the world would anyone want to have those pages in their search results for their website?! 

Once again, twitter to the rescue.  I complained about this, and I was immediately helped to an explanation.  As it turns out, those pages will only show up in the site map if the DNN site finds an Admin or Host logged in during the page request.  If you log off, the Admin pages will disappear from the site map file - [insert search engine name here] never sees them.  What this is for, is for the small use case scenario, where you might want these pages indexed on an Intranet.

So, in conclusion, if you see the Admin pages in your site map, don’t panic like I did! :)

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