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Great Review on DotNetNuke User’s Guide

DotNetNuke User's Guide by Chris Hammond and Patrick Renner I recently had the both the pleasure, and honor of being the Technical Editor for the recently released DotNetNuke User’s Guide, published by Wrox.  The book is written by two very experienced and influential folks in the DotNetNuke® community, Chris Hammond and Patrick Renner.  Well, no one is really talking about any of the DNN books anymore.  Luckily a DNN Co-founder, Joe Brinkman, has just written a very extensive review about the DotNetNuke User’s Guide.

I loved editing this book, as Chris and Patrick really know their stuff, and the focus of the material made editing go by very quickly.  Basically, this book is really aimed at those who are new to the DotNetNuke® platform.  But, don’t take my word for it, check out Joe Brinkman’s blog to get a good handle on what is in this book…

On a side (but related) note, I am having my woman read this book, since she is not an IT whiz.  Hopefully, I can post a review from her sometime soon. :)

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