Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Flying to San Diego: Second Leg of Flight

We made it just fine to the Denver airport, and despite a really crappy plane, the flight was smooth.  However, once we arrived in Denver, we were supposed to have only a 1 hour layover.  That hour turned into 2 hours due to what has been told to us was planned routine maintenance.  However, if it was, then why wasn’t the layover scheduled for two hours.

While waiting, I spoke to someone else who was waiting for the same plane.  He mentioned that this happens all of the time at the Denver airport.  He says that everyone he knows calls this delay the “Denver conspiracy” because it happens very often.  If such a thing is true, it would make sense.  Imagine how much profit the airport made once the delay was announced?  There is already a major profit made on things such as drinks, alcoholic beverages, food, and everything in the gift shop.  But in an airport, the mark-up on such items is higher than ever.  Nice plan, Denver.

Something else I noticed about Denver airport was that they recycle.  I smile upon any company that has people publically travelling within its walls, and offers a recycling program to everyone.  This is even more impressive at a place like the Denver airport, where they do no

Once we got onto the plane, our experience with United began to get a little better.  The televisions worked in this flight, and the seats were spaced much more evenly apart, allowing for a more comfortable sitting experience.

Leaving Denver, we got to see some of the Rocky Mountains, but after was passed them, most of the land was desert.  That was a clear indication that we were getting closer to California.  We were able to watch a few shows, one of which was 30 Rock.  It was funny.

Once again, there was a clean liftoff, flight, and landing.  And this time, the plane was in much better condition.  We had a pleasant flight experience, despite all of the other difficulties.

Once we arrived, we wove our way through Terminal B in San Diego, which I didn’t recognize at all.  (Later, I would realize that I had never been in Terminal B before.)  We are used to Florida weather.  Like everywhere else, it gets hot.  But with the humidity, the temperature usually feels at least 10 degrees hotter.  When we walked outside of the terminal, Kim asked me why it was so cold in San Diego.  Hahaha!!  It was 72 degrees.  Inland, it was closer to 90 degrees.

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