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Changing the Default Favicon for Your Site

DotNetNuke Gear Logo In DotNetNuke┬«, a favicon of the DNN gear logo is placed as the default favicon.  For some websites, this is no big deal.  However, for any site that requires its own branding, changing the favicon is a really big requirement.  Luckily, DNN makes changing this easy, and flexible.

First of all, in the root of your DNN site, there are two favicons:

  • favicon.ico
  • DotNetNuke.ico

Both files contain the same image, the DNN gear.

You could just overwrite the favicon file with your own.  However, that is technically making a core code change, and if you end up putting a second portal on your DNN instance, both sites will be using the same favicon.  This will likely put you into the same position that you originally were in, in the first place.

The real solution is to put your favicon into the root of your portal directory, saved as favicon.ico.  For example, for the root site, your file name and path might match the following:


When your site is loaded, the DNN framework will automatically grab and send the new favicon to the web browser, instead of the one on the root of your DNN installation.  This will work for each and every portal that you have as part of this single DNN instance.  For example, if you have 50 portals hosted in your DNN instance, each one can have its own unique favicon using this method.

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