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SmarterTools Software Bundles for Day of DotNetNuke Attendees

Day of DotNetNuke If you attended the Day of DotNetNuke® this year, you probably already know.  If you don’t know, those who attended the event are getting a software bundle from SmarterTools, Inc.  They were incredibly generous to us.  They gave each attendee a license for each of their product offerings, which is a whopping $750 USD value for each attendee. The e-mails with all of the license information just went out.

Here are the software packages that each attendee is receiving:

  • SmarterMail Professional 5.x ($299.00 USD value) - SmarterMail 5.x Windows mail server is the cost-effective Microsoft Exchange alternative. SmarterMail provides antispam/antivirus out-of-the-box; reporting; events/notifications; throttling; email archiving; intrusion detection/prevention; advanced synchronization with Microsoft Outlook; and over-the-air support for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices.  More info…
  • SmarterTrack 4.x ($199.00 USD value) - SmarterTrack 4.x brings the functionality of a help desk, Ticket system, Live Chat, WhosOn, branding and language support, cost analysis, data mining, reporting, surveys, and a Knowledge Base to a single Web application. WhosOn and Live Chat increase marketing performance and conversion rates, transforming a static Web site into an interactive marketplace.  More info…
  • SmarterStats 4.x ($249.00 USD value) - SmarterStats 4.x is a Web log analytics tool that delivers detailed Web site statistics for a single site or up to 30,000 sites across a distributed network. SmarterStats supports multiple log file types (IIS, Apache, etc.) on Windows and Linux operating systems. SmarterStats also reduces disk space utilization up to 85% by converting log files into an efficient, relational database.  More info…

PLEASE NOTE:  The email generated by their system says that the software came from “DotNetNuke”, instead of “Day of DotNetNuke.”

In order to be eligible for this free door prize package, a few things had to be in place.  If any break in this chain took place, then we couldn’t issue your license.  Sorry.

  • Register for the Day of DotNetNuke®
  • Attend the Day of DotNetNuke® (we checked this through the registration desk at the event)
  • We need to have a valid e-mail address on file (walk-ins who didn’t give us their e-mail address cannot get the software package since we do not have an e-mail to send the license information to)

We plan to have a prize like this at every future Day of DotNetNuke®.  So make sure you show up. :)

Thank you so much to SmarterTools for providing such a valuable prize!  Also, they provided a really cool web service for me to plug into, that made issuing the licenses incredibly easy!

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