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Remember Those DotNetNuke 5 Books?

The DotNetNuke Corporation is on the verge of releasing version 5.01.00 of the popular DotNetNuke® web application framework.  I am so excited, because this is going to be the reason to finally jump aboard the version 5+ band wagon.  Especially, when you include the fix they found for the high load performance issues from last week, this version of DotNetNuke® is going to be the best yet. 

DotNetNuke® version 5.01.00 has all of the great things I love about version 5.00.00 and 5.00.01, but it is stable!  Numerous bugs, performance updates, and workflow issues have been resolved.  Among the new features to look forward to in version 5.01.00 are: Site Map Priorities, Human Friendly URL’s are turned on by default, a few SEO updates, more XHTML fixes, Module Definitions page displays if a module is in use, .Net framework 3.5 is required, there are event handlers for skins, a Google Analytics module, and much more.  You can see for yourself what is in the DNN v5.01.00 release.

That is a whole lot of features… I certainly hope you’re as excited as I am!  If not, maybe some books would help?  It seems that since the first two iterations of the version 5 series was so riddled with bugs, everyone has all but forgotten some very important and useful DotNetNuke® books.  The bugs and problems have been taken care of.  Now you need to upgrade your sites.  Version 5.01.00 is coming any day now.  Here are the books I would suggest you pick up if you want to be proficient with the DotNetNuke® 5 series of releases.

Professional DotNetNuke 5 by Wrox

Professional DotNetNuke 5 is the book that I had the pleasure of editing for technical content.  With the exception of Shaun Walker, all of the authors are from Florida.  I am so honored that I can call these guys friends.  They all continually have done so much for the DNN community over the past 4+ years, and I wouldn’t be here without them.

I only had a hand in the module development chapters, but the entire book is great.  I read it from cover-to-cover, and I don’t usually do that for any technical book.  I gave this book a full review in my blog back in March. Rest assured, your money wouldn’t be wasted.

Professional DotNetNuke Module Programming by Wrox Professional DotNetNuke Module Programming is a book by the popular Mitchel Sellers.  It’s no secret that he has a ton of DotNetNuke® knowledge.  Luckily, we get the best DNN developer cheat sheet and resource, all wrapped into one with his book.  This book tended to read more like a resource, versus the previous book.  I wrote a full review of this book in a previous blog post.

DotNetNuke 5 User's Guide by Wrox The last book I will mention right now is one of which I poured a lot of time into, despite not being an author.  I was the technical editor for the entire book.  It really was a fun project. 

The DotNetNuke 5 User’s Guide is written by Chris Hammond and Patrick Renner.  It is not a book for any die-hard DNN’er, but rather the end-user who has just been introduced to DotNetNuke®.  I think my favorite quote is from Chris himself.  He mentioned that he wanted to write the book in such a way, that he’d be able to hand the book to his mother, and she’d be able to get her site up and running.  I don’t have a review of this book yet, as I have not yet received my copy.  I only have seen the chapters before the real editors got to them.  From what I saw, Chris accomplished his mission.  Buy one for your mother.  ;)

As you can see to the left, this is the first Wrox book to sport their new design.  I don’t know about you, but I like it.  There was nothing wrong with the previous design, but this is nice too.  :)  Someone tell Amazon to update their book cover!

I hope you pick-up one of these books.  They are all really great!

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