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DNN Core Blog Module Stars in the next ODUG Meeting

One of the more misunderstood, and underestimated modules in the Core offering of DotNetNuke® Modules is by far the Blog Module.  Everyone has an opinion on it, and most of us are wrong.  Blogs are one of those adaptive concepts – it is what it is.  A blog is one of those many, many things that simply give you back value based on what you put into it.  Luckily, the latest release of the Blog Module makes that easier than ever before in DotNetNuke® (that is, without paying for it).

On July 9th, I will be presenting the DNN Core Blog Module for our next session at the Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group, or ODUG.  In this session, I hope to make the Blog Module understood by anyone that might be thinking about using it, or may have been confused about it in the past.  Antonio Chagoury and his team have done a fantastic job at bringing this module up-to-speed to better compete with the other blog offerings out there, both on and off of the DNN platform.

We will walk through a first time blog configuration, and the flexibility it offers us to allow multiple blogs and blog themes.  We will also take a look at the settings and options it gives us to truly make our blog our own.  I have also done some things to help make my personal blog do some things that the Core Blog Module doesn’t do by itself.  I will show you what I have done.  Once we get through this, and if we have any time left, our final step will be to show you how you can modify the DNN Blog Module to put in some of your magic.

Be sure to attend this meeting.  We will have some cool prizes, some Day of DotNetNuke® leftovers, and more.  As always, our meetings are free, and we cannot guarantee that our live stream will be up and running.  Make sure you show up.  :)

Next ODUG Meeting:  July 9th, 2009  [Register to Attend]

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