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Day of DotNetNuke 2009 Still Needs a Few Things

Day of DotNetNuke 2009 We are a few short days away from the first annual Day of DotNetNuke® 2009.  For the most party, we are ready.  Sure there are some final details to work out – but we cannot wait to kick this event off.  I have blogged about the various reasons you should be attending the Day of DotNetNuke®, so I will skip that this time.  What we DO need are a few non-monetary donations and volunteers to make our vision a reality.  Here is what we need:

  • 1 or more Photographers:  We need one or more people to be our official photograper(s). We cannot offer you anything in return, except the chance to build you portfolio.  In short, we just want you to take pictures throughout the day of the attendees, sponsors, and speakers while they enjoy their day.
  • 1 or more Videographers:  We just need random clips and interviews throughout the day from our speakers, attendees, and anyone else.  Candid moments would be great too.  In the end, what we hope to have is an edited video to post as a trailer on our website.  Once again, we cannot offer any compensation.  Hopefully, you will end up with something great for your portfolio though.
  • Coffee Machine/Thermos:  We can easily get a few coffee pots for you coffee drinkers out there, but if anyone can bring an industrial model coffee-maker and a thermos, we would be in great shape!
  • Projector & Projector Screen:  We need a standalone projector and screen for the common area at the event.  We already have one screen coming, but we still need the projector, and an extra screen wouldn’t hurt.
  • PA System:  We need a PA system for our common area, to help us with things like the raffle, and announcements in between sessions.

If you can bring any of the above equipment, please let us know.  You can email us on the Day of DotNetNuke® website.  The email addresses are on each page.

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