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Day of DotNetNuke 2009 Grand Prizes Announced

Day of DotNetNuke® 2009 This weekend was a great time to go shopping on behalf of a non-profit organization, as there were great bargains everywhere!  I had been eye-balling some sales going on at our local CompUSA for several weeks now.  This weekend, it got even better.  I was able to procure an HDTV and an HP Laptop to be given away as grand prizes at the Day of DotNetNuke® this year!  I would post pictures, but they are still in their respective boxes.  Those pictures would not be all that impressive for the blog.

So, let’s recap this…  If you choose to attend the Day of DotNetNuke®, you get:

  • … a chance to win a brand new HDTV
  • … a chance to win a brand new HP laptop
  • … a chance to win one of nearly 300 other prizes
  • … a really cool event t-shirt
  • … plenty of other freebies
  • … to meet several DNN authors
  • … to meet Joe Brinkman, a DNN Corp co-founder
  • … to meet founders/owners/Presidents of popular DNN vendors
  • … to meet some founders/Presidents of popular DNN user groups
  • … to meet many other people who you may only know from the forums, twitter, etc.
  • … to party with other DNN folks from around the world
  • … to network with popular DNN vendors
  • … to learn DNN from some of the most talented and respected DNN community members IN-PERSON
  • … to get an unprecedented amount of DNN-only content found nowhere else

Panasonic 32 inch 720p HDTV You get all of that, and more, for the price of a tank of gas, or airfare with hotel.  You can’t beat that!  The worst case scenario is that you fly in, win the HDTV and have to explain to your husband/wife why you’re spending $50 to ship a TV home that you didn’t have to pay for. ;)

Register for the Day of DotNetNuke®

In other prize news, we have some really cool news coming in terms of catering. I hope to be able to announce that delicious news by Friday!

Don’t forget… You can no longer get a discount, but there is still a very valuable DNN Workshop being offered by Engage Software, the Official Training Provider for DotNetNuke®, the day before and after the Day of DotNetNuke®.  It no longer has the early bird discount, but it is still about $100 cheaper than it normally is.  There is no reason for you to pass up on this opportunity.  Register for the Engage Software DNN workshop today.

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