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Google Analytics Module In DotNetNuke 5.01.00

Admin Menu > Google Analytics I finally have found some time to look at the newest version of DotNetNuke®, or in this case, the most recent Beta.  The beta can be publically downloaded and participated in.  One of the first things I have stumbled upon during my run through tonight was the new Google Analytics Module included in the Admin Menu.  One might question the need for such a module, especially when there are commercial modules out there and a widget that accomplish the same thing.  However, as I have found out, the DNN one is not at all flexible enough for prime time use.

When you login as an Administrator or above, you will see the Google Analytics page in the Admin Menu (pictured left).  Clicking on the page will load the module.  There are currently two fields for it: Tracking ID, and URL Parameter.

The Tracking ID is used to add the ID that is given to you by the Google Analytics website.  If this value is left blank, the analytics script will not be added to the markup for the page. 

The other setting, URL Parameter, is not as useful. It allows you to specify a specific URL to track your metrics under. 

While, the URL Parameter is a common setting, not everyone has such a minimalist implementation of the analytics tool.  We might want to take advantage of the plethora of other settings that the Google Analytics API exposes to us.  I think that we should also have an additional textbox to allow us to add more GA parameters and settings, but that would also be more useful in the individual Page Settings, not in the Site Settings.  In addition, passing that value through the Token Replacement engine would be twice as useful.

Google Analytics Module

Entering your Google Analytics Tracking ID and clicking save, will initiate DNN to inject the Google Analytics script into the page.

DNN Google Analytics Script

It’s that easy to use. Give it a test run yourself.

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