Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Blast from the Past: ODUG First Meeting Pictures

ODUG Logo The Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group, or the ODUG, is not as old as some might think.  Our first meeting was February 2, 2008.  So, we are working on completing our second year as a user group.  It began simply enough… Brian Scarbeau signed up to reserve the user group on the DotNetNuke® website, and then began to post and e-mail people to gauge interest and get an idea of what day and time we should hold the meetings.  After about 3 months or so, we had our first meeting.  We basically just chatted about DNN for the first 2-3 meetings without any real goals, but it was great.  We all learned a lot from each other, and immediately stabilized a true DNN network locally.

Earlier today, Brian sent me a few pictures from one of the first meetings, though I am pretty sure that it was the very first meeting.  Here are the shots.

You see?  Your first meeting doesn’t have to be anything special.  We had about 10-12 people at our first few meetings, and met in a classroom of a local private high school.  Good times!  Boy, have we come a long way, or what?  We went from this to OpenForce Connect – Orlando in a short 4 months, and now we have the Day of DotNetNuke® nearly a year and a half later.

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