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Official DotNetNuke Webinars Have Begun

The DotNetNuke Corporation has begun broadcasting webinars for anyone to register and watch.  They are mostly hosted by Nik Kalyani, a Co-Founder of the corporation, Former CEO, and the current Director of Products and Strategy.  His first webinar was today, and it was basically an introduction to DotNetNuke®.  While his demo today was run on the new Professional Edition, the webinar strictly focused on introducing some of the most common and powerful features that would be of interest to anyone evaluating our favorite web application framework.

DotNetNuke Professional Home Page Overall, for all of the skeptics out there, the Professional Edition that I saw appeared to look exactly like Community Edition, with the exception of the default skin and logo.  Even as we were shown some of the administration, admin and host menus, and modules, everything appeared to be identical to Community Edition.

I have had the pleasure of witnessing Nik present one other time, at OpenForce Connect – Orlando last year.  He previewed the DNN 5.0 (Cambrian) skinning features.  Like then, he showed superior skill in speaking and presenting information.  He is an outstanding presenter.  I loved how he continually and accurately clarified himself whenever he felt people might not be 100% clear on what he meant at the moment.

Nik closed the topic by showing some well-known and well-designed examples of DNN by other companies.  The intent was to show the viewer just how much different you can make a DNN site look.  You are only limited by your own creativity.  He showed sites by the Australian Football League, Chicago Olympic Committee, Marriott World Center Resort, Indian Motorcycles, Midas, National Institute of Transplants, Pier 1 Imports, and the United Nations.  He also showed the Jonas Brothers fan club website, which is not only done using DNN, but was also put together by a couple of teenagers.  While the age is not significant when you think about the site’s content, it is when you think about them using DNN to do it.

The presentation was very good, as you might already have concluded.  I strongly suggest pointing anyone that you might know who is thinking of using DNN, or have just begun using it.  Nik is repeating this one several more times in the near future, and then there are Professional Edition, module, skinning, and SEO webinars coming up as well.  Check out the webinar page on the DNN site to register.  Your desktop platform will not matter.  They are using GoToMeeting to broadcast.  (Great tool!)

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