Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Orlando .Net CodeCamp by ONETUG

The 2nd annual Orlando .Net CodeCamp event completed yesterday as an overall success. I thought it was once again very ell put together and managed. Thank you to the members of ONETUG and especially Shawn Weisfeld, Jessica Sterner, and Ken Tucker. You are all very valuable to the local .Net developer community. Also, a huge thank you goes to Seminole Community College for letting us use their facilities for this important event. We couldn't have had this without you.

Highlight of the event: I brought in children's books for extra raffle tickets and won 4 times. I ended up bringing home 3 nice books and a thermos mug for my hot tea. I guess this makes up for the thousands of raffles that I participated in and didn't win... :)

Low of the event: I locked my keys in my truck and missed some of Shawn's opening comments. :(

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