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May 2009 ODUG Meeting Recap And Day of DotNetNuke Announcement

Mitchel Sellers Last night was the May meeting for the Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group (ODUG).  We were lucky enough to be able to host Mitchel Sellers to our meeting, to present “Advanced DotNetNuke® Module Development” to the attendees.  Though, Mitch being our speaker wasn’t the only thing special about this particular meeting.

Only moments before arriving at our meeting venue, I received a phone call from the DotNetNuke® Corporation, officially confirming their participation and sponsorship for the Day of DotNetNuke®.  While that is definitely an outstanding announcement all by itself, we are also going to have Joe Brinkman fly in to be our Keynote Speaker!  Thank you so much to the DNN Corp!

I have a really bad habit lately of forgetting things when bringing our supplies and materials to the ODUG meetings.  This meeting, I forgot our banners.  Oh well…

We were able to get the live stream up and running.  At first, I wasn’t going to stream the meeting, but Joe Brinkman plugged the announcement on twitter, so we put it up.  :)  We had 11 concurrent online viewers, which set a user group record for us.  I hope that we can continue to raise that number.  Next meeting, we will probably begin to use Justin.tv though, as Ustream.tv was giving us problems that I want to avoid next time.

I went through our normal welcome things: ODUG news, DNN news, and so on.  In the ODUG news, we are looking for someone to fill our Treasurer position, and be on the ODUG Board.  Then, we let Mitch take over.  One thing to note is that we had a total of 4 Wrox DNN authors at this meeting (Stan Schultes, Brian Scarbeau, Darrell Hardy, and our speaker).  That’s incredible!  Stan has to drive 2+ hours to attend, so I really appreciate him coming.

Mitch gave us a great presentation.  He spoke about many of the gotchas of module development, and spent a lot of time on module isolation.  The entire group appeared to be very interested and locked on the screen.  That is, accept for Fabio!  :D  The presentation ended up being a little shorter that I had expected, and the ODUG members were not asking any questions to fill in the remaining time.  Instead of panicking, I got creative.  One thing that I noticed about Mitch was this...  I know that he knows a lot about DNN and ASP.Net.  Though, for some reason, I was still impressed at just how much he knows.  When I said he knows a lot, I mean he knows A LOT!

During a meeting two months ago, we had Chris Hammond present the meeting.  When it came to be time for questions, most of the questions he was asked appeared to be about DNN performance.  Remembering that, and a few blog posts that Mitch had written on the subject, I asked the first DNN performance question, and the room immediately was full of subsequent questions for about the next 30 minutes – all performance-related.  The meeting then began to wrap up following our door prize giveaway, and a clean up of the room.

A few folks went their separate ways after the meeting, but most of the group went to our after party, where we visit the local TGIFridays.  We have a few drinks, and maybe a few appetizers while we speak about whatever topics are brought up.  Normally, we chit-chat for a little while, and we begin to file out around 10:30 PM.  Not this night…  The last of us finally left just before midnight!  We had a really great time talking about everything DNN.  There were so many interesting conversations going on, that I wish I could have been able to be part of them all, and also speak to Mitch more that I did. 

One thing to note about the after party, was that had a very drunk visitor that kept coming to try and join our conversations.  He was plastered!  He kept asking us questions while we were talking like, “What’s an API?”  “Do you work out?”  “Do I know you from somewhere?”  And he asked us over and over, “What do you do?”  That about wraps up the night…

I want to really thank Mitchel Sellers, and his business partner, Andy Weber, for coming to Orlando.  I have already had comments saying that this was the best meeting, ever.  If you have the opportunity to have Mitch speak to your user group, don’t pass it up.  I believe his next speaking engagement will be at the Connecticut DNN User Group.  If you live in that area, don’t miss it!

I hope we see you at the next ODUG meeting, and more importantly, at the Day of DotNetNuke®!

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